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                                       When in doubt, take a bath ... Mae West


                 "These soaps are great to pack into suitcases for domestic/overseas flight hostess gifts: 
they fit tidily into corners and small spaces and are representative of our rural heritage. 
             ArtistryFarm goat milk soaps are finding themselves all over the world!


            Goat Milk Soaps

minimum mix/match order of 6 items ... thank you

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sorting soaps in the sun at ArtistryFarm 

These cold-process soaps are made simply from ArtistryFarm herd's fresh goat milk +
purchased lye and organic saaflower oil (
Castile bar is 100% organic olive oil).
With Grandmother's basic recipe plus bits of garden and field,  
the soaps are unscented, uncolored and simply healthfulll for your skin. 
Poured into Grandmother's old butcher trays, soaps are cut by hand & cured
for weeks and months of gentleness before coming to you.

Thank you for appreciating ArtistryFarm's natural way of life...




ArtistryFarm goat milk soaps are available:

order here,   or arrange for pick up at ArtistryFarm 513 523 3740

 also MOON Coop, S Locust St, Oxford OH and from Schlichter Livestock Supply (6 miles west of Oxford OH) 513 839 0278

and at area shows listed on the "shows" page - access thru "home" at bottom of this page.


::: neither scent nor color added

Goat Milk Soaps

minimum mix/match order of 6 items ... thank you
price includes shipping/handling & sales tax 


CASTILE, Moisturizing  
First of all, I will never buy commercial soaps again!  
I use your Castile as a daily shower soap..
... Mary
Luxurious olive oil soap was made for royal families living in castles.

100% organic olive oil (commercial soapmakers are required to use just 50%) + goat milk = RICH!

Price $7 includes shipping/handling



CLAY, Medium Scrub - dug from the creek

The really amazing one is the Raw Clay Soap. I found that if you dip the edge in water and stroke your face and neck with it and continue doing this to build up a "healthy" layer of the soap, it's quite relaxing! Then go and do something else. Let it dry completely. Rinse it off and pat dry. Instant facelift! It tightens the skin, removes impurities (like blackheads, etc.) and makes the skin glow and look fresh and new. Truly amazing. Takes years off of your skin! Thank you.
Don't ever stop making that Raw Clay soap. It's priceless.
... Mary
Requested by a customer wanting clay soap to use as a face mask:

make thick lather and apply to face; impurities are drawn out as lather dries.

Rinse face thoroughly & pat dry for beautiful skin naturally.

Use as a daily facial scrub on oily skin or to draw out splinters/infection.

Dug from the creek, you might find tiny fossils ....

Price $7 includes shipping/handling


COFFEE BEAN, kitchen-bar 

I love the scrubbing power and will tell anyone who will listen : )  

It's the best scrubbing action I've found in years!!!   ... Darla

Loaded with organic, fair-trade coffee grounds to scrub

AND eliminate odors like fish/garlic/onion/nicotine.

Price $7 includes shipping/handling

Moisturizing - natural humectant

I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE the soaps

purchased from you at Oxford Farmers Market Uptown last weekend!

Mine is great and the kids like theirs as well.

My skin feels cleaner and softer! ... Laura
Using the goodness of honey as Cleopatra utilized it,

the rest is history... 

Honey from my own and neighboring beehives is a

natural humectant which retains the moisture of your skin.

Price $7 includes shipping/handling



Soothing - creamy, gentle scrub

Your creamy  gOAT milk is the only soap I can use on my face.... Sarah
 Organic oats in this gOAT milk bar create the classic

creamy, gentle scrub for flaky skin.
Price $7
includes shipping/handling


     ALOE, Healing 

Love your aloe soap! 

I had really bad chigger bites working in the garden
and it soothed them better than anything else!

Add the incredibly healing elements of aloe to goat milk 
and you get a soap that's pink with no equal! 
Chopped from huge aloe plants in my kitchen and pureed, 
the whole slimy mess is dumped into the goat milk soap base. 
Feels like velvet to the skin, and produces much the same result. 
See photo at top - of aloe soap curing.  

Price  $7
includes shipping/handling




FOR POISON IVY (Grandmother's recipe reformulated)

I have had a rash on my lower legs for years.

It itched so bad it felt like I was scraping my skin off at night.

One application of this soap stopped the itch; it's a miracle! ... Dave
Reformulated Grandmother's basic recipe to be stronger;
stops the itch fast, neutralizes and dries up any kind of
rash/chigger/bite/blemish you already have, 
while goat milk nutrients soothe troubled skin. 
Work up thick lather, slather on, and leave to dry. 
"For Poison Ivy" bar is too drying to use all over and all the time 
unless your skin is really oily.
Great for removing stains: 
blood from cloth, wine from cabinet tops etc...

Price  $7
includes shipping/handling

EGGSfoliator, hard scrub
gardener's bar
Nothing but good things to say: it lasts forever and scrubs like crazy! 
... Construction Guy

pulverized grit from ArtistryFarm eggshells
tackles grimy hands and rough feet!

Price  $7 includes shipping/handling


     Simply PLAIN, Goat Milk Mould
To date, this wildly popular bar is the ONLY 
moulded ArtistryFarm goat milk soap. 
All others are hand-cut.
Price  $7 includes shipping/handling



Simply PLAIN, Gems
  (colors/sizes/styles of gems vary greatly and are just for fun)

I bought your soap at the Covered Bridge Festival years ago. 
I kept the blue wrapper around the soap all these years because I loved it so much and finally sat down and ordered more. Looking forward to it!
... Renee
A completely pure and gentle bar for 
very sensitive, even baby's, skin.

Price  $7
includes shipping/handling


  minimum mix/match order of 6 items ... thank you 
price includes shipping/handling for continental US & sales tax 
all other shipping added


"I LOVE your goat's milk soap and so does my dad - he says it's the absolute best stuff to use for shaving! 
He uses it to lather his face instead of the standard shaving cream! It leaves his beard easier to shave 
(he uses a traditional blade razor still) and leaves his skin soft. 
I use it myself in my bathroom for my hands and face - 
it keeps my hands from cracking in the winter. 
Everyone to whom I gave it last year for Christmas loved it!" ...  Joan

With all my skin allergies and asthma, I need special laundry soap. 
I absolutey love the Castile lye soap made with goats milk from ArtistryFarm 
and use the bar to make my own laundry soap. 
Also, I make the soap for my sis and one of my sis-in-laws.
Love, love, love it! ... Leah

Luv ur soft soap!  Works well in one of my soap dispensers. 
Thanks a million, truly softens the skin ... Mazie

It's Official!: your goats milk soap is DIVINE! I have just used it in the bath.
It is so smooth and creamy and has left my skin super-soft.
Have you considered exporting to the UK? 
Or do I have to come over and get it? ... Tricia

I bought your soap at Metamora and this is the only winter I have not had eczema!!! ... Katy

It's the best soap ever in terms of getting rid of odors! 
In particular, it helps wash away that fishy smell of salmon from my hands
so it's got a prominent spot next to the kitchen sink! ... Barbara

THANK YOU! The soap is delightful and I am so pleased to products that are completely NON-toxic -- my hands are much less dry already. 
I have already recommended your fine soap to a friend this afternoon ... Kathy

Stopped by ArtistryFarm at Oxford Farmer's Market, and conversed about my various problems and ailments.
First it was Poison Ivy; she gave me soap to rub on the rash and the itching subsided.
Then, it was years-old heat/sweat related blemishes inside my upper arms, getting slowly worse.
We talked about her natural soap ingredients and a different bar to wet / rub  on skin / leave to dry.
I did that twice that day, once the next, on the hottest days of the year so far, and the blemishes faded markedly, 
so I picked it up again today to see how far I can take this.
I'm beginning to suspect Debra might be a healer of some kind ...  Joe

A man told me of a brother with warts on his hands : 
when he was in the Navy swabbing decks with lye soap, all the warts disappeared!
I have now rid myself of warts by repeatedly applying a fingernail's scraping 
of ArtistryFarm soap under a band aid over the wart, immediately after bathing while skin is moist ... Debra

Bought your Poison Ivy Soap from Moon Co-op upon the recommendation of a friend. 
It has worked wonders on my son's case of poison ivy - will be telling all of my friends about it! 
Thank you so much ... GinghamGirl Greetings (search facebook)

Used the "For Poison Ivy" soap the other day after gardening. 
What a relief. Something had my arms itchy & broke out. 
This soap is AWESOME!!!! ... Karen


Your poison ivy soap is amazing! I sing it's praises on a regular basis! ...  Robbyn


I just have to say that you make the best soap! We had been cleaning out all the brush in the back this past Sat and Sun. I have never had poison ivy, but I got some this time! I noticed it Sunday night and put your soap on it. It never itched or even raised up! Today, you can't even see where it was! Thank you so much, I recommend anyone that has problems with poison ivy to get some of your soap!!
On a side note, it also made the many mosquitoes bites I got stop itching as well....Great stuff!!! 
Feel free to use this endorsement in any of your! ... Donna

I got some of that soap last year and used it up for poison and bites. This spring I bought a bar and gave it to a lady at church who was going to the doctor for shots. The soap cleaned her right up. Now I have a bar on my bathroom sink and I used it for poison a few days ago. It is very good. 
I intend to keep a bar on hand at all times ... Joan

 Click pic to enlarge:   Psoriasis, 4 days after using ArtistryFarm oat soap.

 Click pic to enlarge: This rash healed in less than a week using ArtistryFarm clay soap.


 Click pic to enlarge: After 2 1/2 weeks using ArtistryFarm poison ivy bar.         


Handcut soap shapes, sizes, colors, and wrappings vary from photos.

Quantities are limited as soaps cure for weeks/months

and are made seasonally according to 

availability of raw materials.

I will contact you immediately if any product is unavailable. Thank you from ArtistryFarm.


***ArtistryFarm goat milk soap has no detergents, dyes, scents 
nor synthetic substances of any sort to dry or irritate your skin.  

***ArtistryFarm old-fashioned soap is made with lye then aged to mildness. 

***ArtistryFarm soaps retain their natural glycerin 
which is produced during the saponification process.

***ArtistryFarm pure goat milk soaps are very hard and last a long time.
Some modern soaps are made from glycerin only, which is gel-like & dissolves rapidly.  

***Use this pure goat milk soap for eczema, psoriasis, acne, warts, poison ivy, bug bites, 
baby's skin, detergent-burned skin, dry chapped skin, warts, mites, corn rash, 
heavy-duty scrubbing & general cleaning of your whole body, even your face.

***Soap Ingredients: organic vegetable oils via MOON Co-op, ArtistryFarm fresh goat milk, 
powdered commercial lye via Ace Hardware, organic sugar (creates lather) from MOON + bits of garden & field.  



Oxford Ohio
contact the artist  Debra Bowles � 2002