Ink & Beeswax Paintings

Hand-dipped beeswax candles and nature's tools 
create a free-flowing batiked style with lots of variety in between. 

SOLD       dear bleeding heart  (calligraphy)    SOLD

Item Name: ink/beeswax painting
Item Number: dear bleeding heart (calligraphy)
Price: $125.00 includes shipping and handling on Continental US



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IMG_0365.jpg (72020 bytes) Beeson Bridge      IMG_0366.jpg (338262 bytes) Offshore Rigging     IMG_0368.jpg (75286 bytes) Spirits Unleashed SOLD


    IMG_0370.jpg (49990 bytes) Tucked Away   IMG_0371.jpg (55228 bytes) Lone Pine SOLD   IMG_0382.jpg (50479 bytes) Phantom


  IMG_0372.jpg (44607 bytes) Tomato in a Bucket   IMG_0374.jpg (64330 bytes) Blackwater   IMG_0375.jpg (46745 bytes) Water and Trees   IMG_0377.jpg (59432 bytes) Morning


IMG_0378.jpg (71773 bytes) Slow Boat Trip   IMG_0381.jpg (48212 bytes) Window on the Barn


   Painting2.jpg (153296 bytes) Fishermen SOLD                 Painting1.jpg (187476 bytes) Boat Trip         


             Painting6.jpg (99290 bytes) Flower Bustout SOLD        Connected.jpg (167804 bytes)  Connected SOLD




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