Life’s Little Treasures

This chicken’s name was Little Sparrow. She was old and famous. Every child (little AND big) who ever came here to the farm was fascinated by how tame she was and the way in which she expressed herself. When my daughter had a car accident, Little Sparrow came into the house and sat with her every morning. After a couple hours Little Sparrow would sit upright with a squawk and we knew it was time for her to go out! She, of course, would eat out of your hand, and would cock her head and talk incessantly if you cared to carry on conversation. I would tuck her under my chin and introduce her to Guests. What a jewel! It's fitting that she's memorialized here.

First saw Nada in l995 at the County Fair, and was told that her name was "nothing." 
I gave her that name (Nada is Spanish for nothing) and SHE won Grand Champion! 
Nada produced over a gallon of milk a day for cheese and soapmaking, 
both of which I used to sell at the local Oxford Farmers Market Uptown.


Crystal's Cassi  


New flight cage: wild bird rehab for State of Ohio        Home-hatched and raised



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