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Calligraphic ClayMirrowCorn.jpg (81785 bytes) and Corn Clay 
                                    Clay cries for texture and I let it have it!         

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For years, ear-corn rolled clay has been my signature in cups, 

bowls, etc. All dishes are food and dishwasher safe though most people 

handwash hand-made clay pieces to prevent extreme wear and tear.

Now I've added calligraphy directly to the clay for another distinctive

look. There's also a new series of delightfully detailed clay 

plaques created from my hand-cut printing blocks. 


  ClayPlaqueOwlBlueStain.jpg (306117 bytes)ClayPlaqueOWL  BlueStain  $30     


 ClayPlaqueSarahChickensGlazed.jpg (421390 bytes)ClayPlaqueSARAH&CHICKENS  BrownGlazed  $35


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