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 Beeswax Candles    clic any pic


Candles of pure beeswax from my own hives 


and others in the area are dipped or poured in the kitchen studio. 

The 6" lengths (above photo) take anywhere from 35 to 50 dips 

depending upon temperature of the wax, 

room temperature, desired smoothness of the candle, 

and my patience on that day!




CWraps.jpg (56637 bytes)          With twine from the goat-food bags

pairs of beeswax candles become: 

CookingWraps with dried peppers 


or cinnamon sticks or rosemary or pinecones.

                            BathWraps with chunks of handmade soap, 

and herbs or flowers from my garden studios.


As with all works of art, no two are identical.




Beeswax tapers measuring 10" long are poured in my great grandfather's candle mould 
which still occasionally oozes tallow from its seams. 
Four generations of use have created 
a variety of dents and shapes for each of the six ports.

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Pure beeswax candles burn brighter, cleaner, and slower 
than petroleum wax candles 
and they emit gentle wafts of honey 
which was originally stored in the comb.
no draft = no drip

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