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ArtistryFarm Strawberry Gift Boxes 

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only BATH $35 gift boxes ordered from this page include shipping

 $20  pre-order/pay then pick up per arrangements made 
click on my name at bottom of page & send message to arrange pick up 



Strawberry Gift Box

 Old-fashioned wooden strawberry box
bedded with ArtistryFarm hay &

3 bars ArtistryFarm Goat Milk Soaps + info tag
+ Pine Cone + Candy Cane + Cut Greens +

1 pair ArtistryFarm pure hand-dipped local-beeswax candles
+ info tags +

+ tucked into a simple clear bag tied with twine from my goat-food bags
embellished with seasonal deco and
an ArtistryFarm gift tag

$35 BATH gift box includes shipping 

$20 BATH gift box - arrange pick up (NOT AVAILABLE SHIPPED) 




contact the artist  Debra Bowles 2002