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In 2017, ArtstryFarm became part of the Oxford Community Arts Center Artists' Community.
There are over 2 dozen studios rented
at this most-amazing Dinosaur Queen historical building in Oxford OH!
In ArtistryFarm Studio #316 find
sun-dried waxink paintings, farm-fresh block prints,
beeswax candles, calligraphy and Grandmother's goat milk soaps.

ArtistryFarm postcards and folded cards are also availabe.
Visit Studio #316   6-8pm   during Second Friday of each month (except January and July)
or contact the artist at bottom of any page on this website.
Meanwhile, ArtistryFarm meets with Plein Air Painters Oxford (PAPO)
every week to paint "en plein air"  when we can. Contact the artist for more info...

Second Fridays are: "celebrations of the arts"
1st floor:  new exhibition opening receptions, food, music, dance lessons, Art Shop
3rd floor(elevator): Open Studios




for soap info, click  the  dairy  goat



Ink & Beeswax





Goat Cheese

CHEESE LICENSE, YES!!    Click here to read all about it in Farm World...

In 2015, ArtistryFarm
terminated its
goat cheese license
from Ohio Dairy Division.





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a collection of very special images from

(Bowles Family Artists)

Parasol Sisters' engagements announced here...


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